Monday, November 22, 2010

This little piggy, part two

So people have said I should probably do some kind of follow-up post about how the actual pig roasting went.
Roast pig. This picture doesn't
nearly do it justice.
Guys, roast suckling pig is freakin' delicious.

We roasted the front half on Saturday, glazed every half hour while cooking with a mixture of vegetable oil, soy sauce, cayenne pepper, calamansi (sour orange) juice and salt. Cooking took about 5 hours in all, probably longer than necessary due to a faulty meat thermometer which couldn't decide when the thing was done.

The soy sauce gave the skin of the pig a lovely deep red color, and the skin was crisp with an underside of melting fat. The meat fell off the bone.

In other words, it was awesome. And totally worth all the trouble.

We took this to a party, sheltering Mr. Pig from the torrential rains on Saturday Night. We knew very few people at this party, but somehow arriving with platter-ful of pig seems to cure that particular problem.

The next day, we roasted the back half of the pig, this time basting in Ad Hoc's Sweet and Spicy rub, which is brown sugar based. This was mixed with some vegetable oil to make liquid, and applied once every 45 minutes. The skin wasn't AS crispy, but the meat was fantastic.

For the back half, I also placed cut sweet potatoes, Yukon golds, apples and onions in the bottom of the pan to roast in the drippings. Mmm. Drippings.

Now all that's left is a ton of roast pork leftovers and a roast pig head.
I should probably do something with the head, but frankly, I'm exhausted and ready to wash my hands of the whole process.

The leftover pork, though...well, lets just say I have PLANS. *evil laugh*


michael said...

wow you really know your porcine presentation and cuisine

Anonymous said...

please tell what did you do with the left overs...especiall the head...chop up for stew? Ears and snout to the dogs?