About Foodbat

I was recently told that a rather well known food writer said that if a food blog didn't have an about page, he wouldn't read it. Personally, I think that's a little fucked up. However, if it means that someone, anyone, will read this thing, I might as well have one.

My name is Jennifer Fisher, but online I'm known as Jeters. You might as well call me that.
Foodbat is basically a place where I write down my recipes before I forget them. I also like to go on little rants and rambles and that happens here too. My recipes are all over the place, but I like to cook from scratch and use fresh, in season produce, so that shows up a lot.. Many recipes have a spice element and layers of flavor, because that's just the way I like to cook.  I also like to experiment making random things or use strange ingredients that have piled up in my pantry.

You'll also see cartoons and other weirdness show up on here. The cartoons because I hate, HATE, photographing food. The weirdness because. Well.

I'm sure you have no interest in my life, so I won't put my real life story down on here or anything - and if you DO have interest in my life, follow me on twitter so you can hear every excruciating detail.