Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fun with Geraniums

If you want to get technical, scented geraniums aren’t, actually, but are rather pelargoniums. Not that you care, because scented geraniums are awesome. They are heavily perfumed and come in literally hundreds of different ‘flavors’, smelling like anything from citrus to nutmeg.  Not only do tbey smell nice but they’re edible, too, which opens up all kinds of culinary possibilities. You can infuse the leaves into vodka or simple syrup; pulverize with sugar, muddle in a drink or line baking pans for cakes and cookies. I havent tried savory applications yet and I wouldnt eat the leaves whole.

Attar Rose Geranium ‘Dust’

10 youngish attar rose geranium leaves, throughly washed and dried.

1 cup of sugar.

 1 vitamix or other very powerful blender.

Blend together until the resulting powder looks like something you’d snort.


Lovely when used to rim drinks, sprinkledon whipped cream and strawberries, or used to make rose frosting. 

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