Monday, November 17, 2008

Foodbat is back!

Yes, its true - I'm back! After a long, long time of not posting. Mostly due to the fact that Warhammer came out and I've been playing entirely too much of it. Not to say that I haven't been cooking quite a bit.
America has hit a recession, and its definately showing in the food world, especially in seeing a resurgence in the 'old ways.' Growing and processing our own food, baking bread, making jam and applesauce, rendering lard, canning, root-cellaring - things our grandmothers did as routine are suddenly hip again.
Personally, I welcome it! In an age of industrial food, these are techniques that may become lost if we don't keep them alive and pass them down to later generations.
The other thing this fall is that Twitter has finally hit its stride, for both community and company. If you haven't checked out Twitter, I recommend it - it's a bit like plugging directly into the Hive Mind. There is a huge food community on it as well - check out Sweetfood's blog for an awesome list.
Anyway, no pretty pictures just yet but I will be posting in the coming days, droppin' some knowledge on what I've been cooking and new foods, techniques, and recipes. I'm totally on the "old ways is new" bandwagon. Well, old ways, new technology. How about you?

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