Saturday, September 20, 2008

I have conquered the mighty pepper

I just wanted to let everyone know that tonight was the first time I managed to successfully blister, roast and peel a pepper without copious amounts of fail.We just mysteriously had everything we needed to make fajitas tonight.

It was also one of those rare moments in the kitchen where both of us cooked together, not at each others throats. I think this is one of those things you have to learn when you get married. It definitely makes the process easier to have an extra hand, even if that hand has horrible knife skills and is impervious to advice.

He made the chicken while I removed corn from its stalk and minced jalapeno; he set the broiler for the pepper; I insisted that yes, the pepper is supposed to be blackened on the outside, and successfully skinned, peeled, seeded and chopped said pepper properly for the first time ever;
I chopped the onion; I cried; he sauteed it; he cried.

We stirred, we spiced, we heated tortillas, and generally had an excellent meal.

This is the kind of situation I have been striving more in my effort to cook more at home. On past tries, it has been rare that one of us does not leave the kitchen in an effort to maintain composure, or sanity. It is probably one of the few things we fight over. I love to cook, and we both love to eat - tonight I felt that yes, we can both exist on the same side of the kitchen door, and in harmony.

and, oh yeah, I FINALLY conquered the skinning of peppers! Booyah!


Mango Power Girl said...

Yayy! for teamwork and conquering the pepper :) I almost posted a roasted pepper recipe tonight :-p Your illustrations make me awesome!

Grace Piper said...

Yay! You won the battle of the pepper. I remember the first time I did it. Do you have a gas stove? If you do it's even easier to do it that way on medium heat turning it with a pair of tongs. That way you can see it as it blisters.


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